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How the process works

1st step

Simply Contact our Group via Phone / EMAIL
or TEXT / Social Media

2nd step

One of our Associates will assist you in pricing out the vehicle
of your choice to discuss options which best benefits you.

3rd step

After application is submitted and is approved
we schedule your delivery to your home or office.

What Is An Auto Broker?

An Auto Lease Broker is someone that can help you save time & money when shopping for a new vehicle. No more traveling back and forth to the dealerships! No more wasting time! We shop on your behalf! A lease broker can provide transparency and give you the answers that you are looking for when it comes time to shop your vehicle. We work direct with all the Major Auto Brands. We are your PERSONAL INSIDE CONNECTION!

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Why Use An Auto Broker?

We negotiate on the clients behalf to secure you the absolute best terms on your lease or finance vehicle. We have the ability to secure a vehicle through our dealer partner network at a lower cost than you personally traveling to and from the dealership. No more traveling to the dealerships! We can also assist to transport the vehicle to your location at zero or low costs. The best thing is you can do all of this remotely and it will help SAVE TIME & MONEY!

We bring 50 plus combined years of auto knowledge & negotiation to the table on your behalf. We won’t stop until we secure the absolute best terms and experience! We will help you pay less & you will have the ultimate hassle free car buying experience.

Thank you for your business!